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  • Accurate results
  • Reliable POC testing device with built-in quality controls
  • Low blood volume (3µL)
  • Quick-filling
  • Easy sharing of results via Bluetooth
  • Versatile device enabling a wide range of tests



As a young innovative company, our ambition is to address one of the main challenges for tomorrow’s medicine: to make available, here and now, the biological parameters that patients and healthcare professionals need. Because we put patients first, we focus all our energy on developing our next-generation LabPad® POC testing device and its associated Tsmart® range of microcuvettes. Avalun is a spin-off company from the top French research center CEA/Leti. Our project started off there after a meeting with Vincent Poher, a specialist in photonics with a PhD from the Imperial College of London, and Patrick Pouteau, a researcher involved for more than 15 years in the development of health-related microsystems. Understanding the amazing potential of patented lensless imaging technology to satisfy unmet needs for point-of-care patient testing, they together designed an initial prototype with the objective of helping to improve our healthcare systems. In June 2013, the project was awarded by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and Avalun, from the Greek "ἀνάλυσις" or "analysis", was founded in November of the same year. Today, our multidisciplinary team consists of 20 dedicated individuals providing their unique expertise and sharing the same passion for innovation and health care. Driven by our quality system, our values are excellence, commitment, and responsibility.
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