jjPlus Corperation has profound high quality electronic background rooted from its many years of embedded RF business operation. The application focus in most recent years was on carrier-class wireless network for telecom operators. We also address professional wireless needs from medical, automotive, and industrial fields.

Started in 2009, the company expanded its business operation into medical devices – jjPlus Medical. Its US-based bio medical partner specialized in hospital-class high precision diagnostic equipment for over 30 years. The marriage of this leading bio medical technology and the company’s high quality electronic infrastructure resulted in a world-class operation to offer design, manufacturing, and qualification of quality and affordable medical devices.

jjPlus Medical designs and manufactures medical products in its ISO9001/13485 certified and GMP approved facilities. To avoid errors that could result from operators’ overlook, our manufacturing facilities, both for device and strips, are highly, if not fully, automated.

Other than using commonly seen automatic electronic manufacturing equipments such as SMT, we also apply fully automated DIP assembly process, robot-based PCBA testing, and machine-vision-based product display functional test.  Our strip manufacturing is also performed by high precision fully automated strip cutter where no human touch is needed.

The manufacturing history and component sources applied to each device is stored in our Oracle-based shop-floor manufacturing data management system. This service would ensure that, in case the product traceability is needed by our customers, we can offer the complete manufacturing record of our products in no time.

We have formed strategic alliance with local hospitals. We are much experienced in IRB application process where un-necessary delay in the approval cycle can be avoided. Our government certified in-house bio medical technologists would offer our customers variety of medical device qualification testing services such as pre-clinical trial and IRB’s.

Each of our products itself is qualified by TUV to meet CE standard. Product qualification for other standards such as FDA for USA, PMDA for Japan, and SFDA for China are also in process at various stages.  The first product families we have developed are for clinics usage of high precision Glucose, HB, and Cholesterol testing needs. In the near future, we plan to offer POCT and Tele-medical devices for the fast-growing emerging markets.

jjPlus Medical welcomes product and OEM/ODM inquiries from channel distributors as well as brand-name medical device carriers for the health care industry. Other than design, manufacturing, and qualification services, the company also offers complete technical support, education, and business cooperation to partners. The goal is to seek long term stable growth.

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